The last full length release from RGYLT. An eclectic soundscape journey through our homeland painting a post-modern american west.

RGYLT: In the Land of the Setting Sun (download)

  • Released May, 2016

    Produced by Petie Ronstadt, Jim Brady, and Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses

    Recorded by Jim Brady at Jim Brady Recording Studios (Tucson, AZ), Petie Ronstadt and Sam Eagon at LandMark Sound Recorders (Tucson, AZ), and Michael G Ronstadt at Treblig Cello Factory (Cincinnati, OH)

    1. El Camino (J Navarro)
    2. Coyote (Michael J Ronstadt)
    ​3. Falling into Place (Peter D Ronstadt)​
    4. Five (Michael G Ronstadt)
    ​5. La Palomita