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The third studio album from Michael G Ronstadt

MGR: Bridging the Gap (CD)

  • Released February, 2010​
    1. One Step (Michael G Ronstadt)
    2. Flow (Michael G Ronstadt)​
    3. Take My Words (Michael G Ronstadt)
    ​4. Hasten Your Row (Michael G Ronstadt)​
    5. Promised Land (Michael G Ronstadt)
    ​6. Human Condition (Michael G Ronstadt)
    ​7. Open Road (Michael G Ronstadt)
    8. Five (Michael G Ronstadt)
    9. Going Home (Michael G Ronstadt)
    10. Corners (Michael G Ronstadt)
    11. Fiddle Medley Tam The Bam (Pete Clark) Midnight on the Water (Traditional) Old Joe Clark (Traditional)
    12. At Home (Michael G Ronstadt/Douglas Horner)

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